December Members update

Course Conditions 01/12/2018

Thanks to the membership:

Thanks to all of the membership for their excellent efforts with golf etiquette in recent months, the efforts made with replacing divots, repairing pitch marks and even carrying clubs by choice has made a big difference. Through members making great extra efforts this allows the Greens Team to keep the main greens in play as much as possible.

I have played in the Saturday Gents competition four weeks in a row now and apart from the first green being on a temp I feel the greens are performing quite nicely. I have played with different members every week and must thank them for their company, I’ve really enjoyed meeting members and have seen some great golf along the way, I look forward the coming weeks.

As of 01/12/2018 fairway protection mats will be in play, the alternative to playing from a mat is to lift to the side of the fairway into the first cut of rough then drop and place in order to play from the grass.

Current winter rules in place 02/12/2018:

  • Course Open
  • 1st winter green in play
  • Fairway protection
  • Multiple temporary tees
  • Trolleys permitted
  • Club buggies NOT permitted
  • All bunkers in play
  • Preferred lies through the green

There are restrictions around the course, the roped off areas are no go zones as there is hanging limbs suspended high up in the trees in these areas. If your ball goes into these areas please don’t retrieve your ball as you may put yourself in danger.

Possible further winter rules which may be added if conditions become worse:

  • Hogg wheels may be needed on trolleys
  • Carry bags only
  • The amount of roped off areas may increase to spread the wear
  • Unusual pin positions to again spread the wear or avoid wet spots
  • Bunkers may become permanent GUR
  • Winter greens during periods of frost/frozen ground
  • Members may need to be more aware of slippery conditions as temperatures drop
  • There may be more signs pop up around the course to help traffic the golf
  • The old 14th hole may be used more to rest holes like the 1st as they suffer with winter wear

Morpeth Golf Club Facebook Page

Members who have access to the Morpeth Golf Club Facebook page can check the page each day for current course conditions, the Facebook page will be updated before 07:30 each day indicating the current course conditions and winter rules in play.

The usual phone message will continue for course conditions, 01670 504942 option 1.


Annual General Meeting

The Morpeth Golf Club Annual General Meeting will take place on Thursday 6th December 2018.

Volunteers Section Update

The Volunteer section will have a designated leader chosen by the club for 2019, this will help ease the work load on the Greens Staff who have limited time being only a team of four men. The duties will be chosen by the Greens Staff and communicated to General Manager Steven Johnson who will then work with the section team leader. For the rest of 2018 there will be no plans to do any volunteer section work as the year comes to an end.

There will be a winter works programme completed and submitted for the first week in January, this will involve a handful of projects working with the Greens Staff.

Thanks again to all of the volunteer section members for the great work they have carried out in 2018, their efforts have been essential to the success out on the course. We all look forward to having another great year in 2019 working together, have a great Christmas and New Year guys.

Bunker Improvement Progress

The bunkers on the first hole will be fully constructed and turfed before Christmas, the work in recent weeks has been halted by the poor weather. We hope to have the bunkers in play for spring 2019.


Tree work update

We currently have a number of hanging limbs in the high points of some of our Poplar trees, we have a tree surgeon coming in the next 14 days to address these areas of concern. Please can members be aware of the roped off areas currently out on the course, when the trees are addressed the ropes will be removed immediately.

The Greens Staff have started to dismantle the large trees to the rear of the 7th green, this has been a slow process as they are extremely large and the machinery the staff use in house is struggling to dismantle the large bases. The tree surgeon will also be dismantling the larger parts of the trees in the coming weeks during his visit.



The Greens Staff would like to wish Niblicks good luck in their new venture at Morpeth Golf Club with the bar and catering, since their arrival the atmosphere and feel around the club house has been very good. We hope 2019 and the up and coming years are successful for all.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all the Morpeth Golf Club members form the Greens Staff, John, Stu, Gerry and Guy.



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