A summary of the course development plan members meeting 11/04/2018


The Greens Team along with the General Manager Steven Johnson were pleased with the delivery of the presentation to the membership, they would like to thank all the members who attended and hope they are happy with the direction the club is heading going forward.

The highlights of the night were,

  • Seeing where the club looks to go in the future on and off the course.

General Manager Steven Johnson lead the presentation in his normal cool fluent manner, he touched on many key points taken from the course appraisal submitted by the Greens Team.

The course appraisal will be available  for the members to view on request in the office, the 400 page document goes into great detail in all areas of the course.

  • The history of the course both positive and negative.

Steven also talked in depth about the history of the club from the early 1900s to the current 2018 position.

  • Gerry Cramer announces he is stepping down as Head Greenkeeper.

On completion of Gerrys 40th year at Morpeth Golf Club he will be stepping down and taking a more relaxing back seat, Gerry will continue as a member of the greens team after stepping down and is looking forward to a less stressful green keeping role.

  • John Scurfield will become Head Greenskeeper on completion of his transition period.

On completion of the transition period between Gerry and himself, the club have announced that John will take over as Head Greenskeeper of Morpeth Golf Club.

  • Gerry Cramer’s Speech on the past at Morpeth Golf Club.

Gerry’s talk was in-depth covering the 100 year old greens construction, he touched on areas which needed improved going forward hopefully taking Morpeth to the next level.

  • John Scurfield’s speech on the future at Morpeth Golf Club.

John’s talk was an informative look for the members at what the team look to do with the course in the future, he also talked about ways in which the team look to maintain the course, and ways in which the team look to answer future members questions both positive and negative using course data.

  • The requested information by the membership on the possible future look of the club.

2nd Hole Future

4th Hole Future

6th Hole Future

10th Hole Future

16th Hole Future

17th Hole Future

You will need to view these files on a laptop or pc.

Thanks the Greens Team.




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