Royal Cinque Ports Visit For John Scurfield


This week John Scurfield has been down to Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club for a work experience visit,  John has spent 4 days working down on the southeast coast as part of his annual leave which shows his desire to better himself within the green keeping industry.

IMG_0461 2

John approached Cinque Ports course manager James Bledge about going down to see how he has the place running on a day to day basis. James was more than happy to help and supported John with accommodation and daily meals. Part of Johns personal development at present in based on management and how to be a good manager. While there John could not believe the how thorough James and his team were in their work, from the first to last minute the entire team were outstanding at their jobs in producing a top class course, also John noticed there was great banter every day and the guys were all very happy.  John worked with the Cinque Ports greens team of 9 staff doing different jobs around the course, he enjoyed listening to the different experiences in the industry the guys have had, even down to the young apprentices who were very knowledgeable about their jobs and extremely enthusiastic.


James spent time with John showing him some of the ways he runs the business, budgets, data collection, fertiliser plans, grass species, staff management and machinery were some of the subjects they discussed.


John has a keen interest in different grass species, something he has inherited from his old course manager at Whitley Bay Simon Olver. He was fascinated to see how James and the Cinque Ports team have began the process of introducing Fescue to the fairways and surrounds, “they look really nice and clean”.


“My trip to Royal Cinque Ports was amazing, the guys who work there are so lucky to work on such a brilliant historic course, id love to go back again in the future”

2018 at Morpeth Golf Club has seen the start of a bunker development programme, they have been constructed it a revetted manner normally seen on links courses. John was interested to see the different bunker styling Cinque Ports have to offer, some very sharp perfectly shaped green side bunkers, also some very natural looking bunkers with marram planted around the tops edges. The team have done great work in opening some sand banks up using excavators in the dunes, they look like they have been there for hundreds of years.


Despite being a links course on the sea front, James and his team do their best to promote wildlife. They have created some nice habitats on site in the shape of wetland areas,  again they look like they have been there for hundreds of years. Ecology is one part of the golf course the Morpeth greens team look to promote in the coming years.


Whilst down on his visit John was fortunate to be able to play golf in the evenings, he was able to get a couple of rounds in at Cinque Ports and visits along the road to Princes and Royal St Georges Golf Clubs for a look.

” Thanks for the opportunity to visit Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club its been a great experience for me, I’ve got many ideas to take back for the future at Morpeth Golf Club “.


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