18th bunker near completion


In recent weeks the membership may have noticed the team working on the 18th bunker. The weather has slowed productivity, frozen surfaces, 6 inches of snow and 100mm of rain, these factors have all brought works to a halt.

The team have now brought the works to near completion, resulting in a fresh new look different style of bunkering being installed. The 18th is constructed in the same style as the bunker displayed on the practice ground which was successfully presented to the membership earlier in the year.

The Team have constructed  the revetted bunker within the existing 18th bunker, also they have built the bunker into the original surroundings ensuring no major costly landscaping has been necessary for the club.

Drone pic from 15 meters.
Drone photo from 15 meters.

The construction was thought through carefully by the Greens Team throwing many ideas about, as seen in the photo above they even checked the shape ticked all the boxes from a drone view.

John Scurfield and Stu Speirs have put together a video showing different angles of the bunker, this is on the Morpeth Golf Club Greenskeepers Facebook page for viewing.


Follow The Greens Team on the Facebook page above for daily course updates and playing information.

New drain lines have been installed and have been checked by Head green keeper Gerry Cramer, Gerry has confirmed the drains are working well ensuring the bunker will be in play constantly even during wet periods.

The 18th bunker still needs the turf liner installed, followed by the new fresh sand which will also bring another new look to Morpeth Golf Club.

The Team removed the turf for the revetted faces from the left of the 5th fairway, an area of the course deemed to be less busy from a playing perspective. This area will be backfilled with topsoil, levelled off and re-seeded for the start of the season.

As you can see in the pictures above the team looked to add a little extra in the way of levelling on the finishing edges of the bunker, still maintaining a nice consistent shape. There is two different levels of hight on the top of the face, these protect the centre of the green in different ways, the rear of the bunker has an obvious low entry point for golfers to use to enter/exit during play, the guys were quite happy with the finished result immediately looking to start bunkers elsewhere identified in the winter programme.


In the coming days we look to start works on the 11th hole green side bunkers, they will be brought up to completion in good time for the beginning of the season.

The Team hope the members can enjoy the new look bunkers, they will bring a new look to Morpeth in the future without the club having to spend tens of thousands of pounds. We are taking real pride in everything we do in our drive to move Morpeth Golf Club forward.

Any feedback from the membership would be much appreciated by the Greens Team.

Thanks, The Greens Team Gerry, Stu, Guy and John.


2 thoughts on “18th bunker near completion

  1. Outstanding work from the boys. It really is something special. Just hoping I don’t go in the bloody thing when it’s open for business.
    Steve Gordon.

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