Winter Wonderland At Morpeth Golf Club


Over the last two weeks the course has been closed pretty much constantly, this is due to the consistent frozen ground conditions. The course has been inspected daily and we now predict the ground is frozen to a depth of 3-4 inches on the closely mowed areas such as greens/fairways/tee boxes. The team have take a few pics from around the course so members can see what the conditions as like.


John Scurfield took a few photos over the weekend including a video of one of the putting surfaces.

John: “Im 17 stone and the puddle is 5 inches deep, its frozen solid”.


The picture below shows some areas of the course have wide spread dangerous areas of solid ice, the close mowed areas suffered the most as they have the most exposure. The main and winter greens are like concrete pads, no golf has been possible during this period of freezing weather.


All members can see via our Morpeth Golf Club Greenkeepers Facebook page daily updates from out on the course, during course closures or days of restricted play videos and photos will be uploaded allowing the team to keep the membership up to date.



The Greens Team, Gerry, Stu, Guy and John would like to take the chance to wish the membership a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, all the best for 2018.



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