December 2017 works.

Stuart Speirs 25th year of service.

Congratulations to Deputy head Stu Speirs on achieving 25years of service at Morpeth golf club. A fantastic achievement from possibly one of the nicest most genuine guys you will ever meet, WELL DONE STU!.

Stu received a gift from the club, presented by Keith Brown greens chairman. Also a nice picture of Stu with Gerry Cramer Head Greenskeeper.

Morpeth golf club AGM 2017.

The 7th December brought the annual general meeting, for the first time all of the greens team attended. The guys all wanted to attend as they are proud of the work they are producing and wanted to show the club how committed and proud they are of being part of Morpeth Golf Club.

The AGM was a great success and the current board look to have the club heading in the right direction in a professional manner, there is a feeling of teamwork throughout all board members and staff. The team along with General Manager Steven Johnson are excited to see what the future holds at Morpeth golf club.

Bunker work.

John Scurfield and Stu Speirs have completed their works on the refurbishment of the practice ground bunker, this project is to show there direction the club look to go on the bunker front.

Bunker presentation.

The bunker presentation from the greens team to the members was a success, the presentation was a short talk out on the course by Steven Johnson, Gerry Cramer and John Scurfield. The team then took the members back into the warmth of the club house for a small powerpoint presentation from John Scurfield and some questions and answers. The feedback was very positive and the team took all feedback on board, the ultimate goal for the team is to produce a golf course to be proud of with the members can enjoy playing.

In the sheds – New mechanics workshop area.

Guy Anderson in 2017 has a shown a desire to educate himself in John Deere mechanics, he has now began his own revamp of the work shops. This will make better use of space within the sheds and also allow Guy to work more effectively. He has planned out and made a start on the new look work shop. This passion for mechanics Guy has will be great for his continued personal development at work, also investment from the club in Guys training will save the club substantial costs on repairs/servicing.


In the sheds – living quarters refurbishment.

Stu Speirs and John Scurfield have been busy cleaning the disposing of years of mess, they have found tools and parts they never knew they had. Really the improvements the guys have made are fantastic, all walls painted, all floors painted, H&S and first aid clearly located, TV wall mounted for staff education and training, and a clean relocated desk for improved book keeping. The team have also had help from Nick Thorne, Morpeth golf club member and contracts manager of Jones Interior Contractors. Nick is going to build some partition walls, fit a kitchen and fit all the doors ensuring the greens shed is brought up to standard for the team.

Conditions out on the course.

December has been a very tough month with over 150mm of rain/snow fall so far, temperatures have barely been above 2 degrees. Unfortunately the course has been shut more than normal but the reasons are for the protection of the course and the health and safety of the membership.

Work out on the course.

The team would like to thank Stu Imeson Course Manager of Dunstanburgh Castle golf club, Stu has Kindly helped Morpeth golf club out by sending a hand mower down for us to use through out the winter months. This will ensure the team can cut and roll the greens once a week through winter months, normally this task would become almost impossible as the course becomes too soft for our ride on greens machine.


Head green keeper Gerry Cramer has been busy out on the course in all weather, he has been removing sand from the problem bunkers which in some cases is over 10 inches deep. The picture above shows the different sands added over the years and the amount of contamination coming from the clay base beneath. The contractors in the past have moved some sand around in various bunkers but unfortunately they have covered the drain lines with thick clay preventing the water form penetrating the drain lines. He has removed this and problem bunkers like the left of 7th green side, also known as the hot tub is now draining well. Gerry will continue to assess the problem bunkers in the coming weeks to highlight potential priority bunkers for the bunker refurbishment programme.

The budget for 2018 out on the course.

The greens team has been working hard on their 2018 budget for the golf course, the team have a couple of odd ends tie up ready to be submitted for approval, this will be the first year the team have completed their own budgets. This will be a massive move towards Morpeth golf club having their best season out on the course, as detailed planning throughout the year will be in the hands of the greens team 100%. The main objective of 2018 will be for the team the team to look at raising standards again for the season ensuring the course will be fantastic for the members to play on and enjoy.

Fertiliser plan for the 2018 season.

The team have put together a wish list of products and with the help of Glen Baxter of Rigby Taylor, they have ensured the course will be correctly fertilised and that the team are constantly winning the battle with disease outbreaks with regular applications.


Data collection.

One of the big jobs ahead of the team is data collection, the team will look take daily readings from the course.

  • Soil temperature
  • Moisture content
  • Stimp meter readings [speed of the greens]
  • Rainfall

All of the above information will be collected by the team and will be stored in a computer software package that will evaluate the info and present it all in detailed charts. This information will be on show for the members to see in the early part of 2019 and will hopefully answer queries about the course productivity and condition.




2 thoughts on “December 2017 works.

  1. fantastic blog boys. i am not known for giving credits to anyone . the works that have been carryed out already and are ongoing within the course,refurb and comunications isfantastic ..keep up the great work with pride

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