Showpiece bunker for members to view

In recent years the bunkers at Morpeth golf club have come under scrutiny, its clear to see that they are the obvious negative part on the presentation front. The majority bunkers have not been upgraded in over 100 years, the ones on the 6th hole were recently upgraded but are unsuitable for Morpeth golf club as they are more suited to the Gubeon par 3 beginners course. In the past a number of other bunkers had been fitted with a revetted face in an unusual fashion, they were not up to standard and did not stand the test of time.

The club looked at upgrading the current bunkers in the same fashion as their current state, unfortunately this method will cost a lot more money and will involve more expensive excavator work. The greens team came up with the idea of installing revetted bunkers throughout the course, these would be built within the current bunkers reducing them in size and they could also be built to fit into the current land form without major landscaping work. The greens team, Gerry, Stu, Guy and John along with General manager Steven Johnson agreed that John Scurfield and Stuart Speirs should install a showpiece bunker on the practice ground near the club house so the members can easily view. We would love to hear the opinions of all our members about this bunker as we are looking to install this style of bunker to all our current green side bunkers as a low cost upgrade to the course.

Things for the members to take in to consideration, the team has identified a number of bunkers on the course they would like to upgrade immediately. Some of these bunkers are incredibly deep at present, some nearly 2 meters. The greens team have no intention to make the bunkers unplayable, we look to raise the depths of the bunkers and install revetted faces to a golf friendly height.

The greens team are holding two presentations at the bunker on the practice ground, one morning session and one early afternoon session allowing members to view and discuss their thoughts on our upgrade proposal for the bunkers. Please can members try to attend as this gives the greens team the opportunity to look at members thoughts, the ultimate goal for the future is to present a top quality competitive golf course that meets the members expectations.

  • 1st presentation is on Wednesday the 6th at 14:00pm.
  • 2nd presentation is on Thursday the 7th at 08:00am.

Below is some pictures of the bunker finished without sand so members can see the full construction method.


The bunker was revetted in a poor fashion from years ago and did not sand the test of time, John and Stu stripped the old bunker out and created a level base. They then installed a small drain, in the picture the drain line is the part left exposed from the traditional turf liner in the base. The traditional turf liner will help prevent cross contamination with the clay beneath like all our current bunkers protecting the new look sand we are installing, the drain line is covered by a permeable membrane which allows the water to pass through the sand and penetrate the drain line. The revetted turf walls were then built and aligned to the existing land, the top edge has been finished with the cores from the end of season maintenance and then seeded ready for recovery.

Thanks the greens team.


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