2017 Dunstanburgh GC Bunker camp


November saw the beginning of the annual bunker camp held at Dunstanburgh golf club in Northumberland. The bunker camp is organised by Dunstanburgh course manager Stuart Imeson, Dunstanburgh deputy Alex Robson and Alnwick golf club course manager Jack Hetherington. The guys have held daily bunker classes over a two week period helping educate keen greenskeepers form not only the Northeast, guys who attended have travelled from Wales, Kent, Finland and Yorkshire. Stuart, Jack and Alex not only provided first class bunker tuition for the greenskeepers but they also organised an excellent hospitality package for the guys which included free accommodation with breakfast and lunch included for everyone involved. During the week Stuart arranged for a professional video of the bunker camp to be made, this is work in progress but once it is finished we can share a link for the Morpeth members to view, DCGC need to be worried as Stuart looks like he’s set for an acting career haha.

Morpeth golf club had two members from the greens team attend, John Scurfield and Stu Spiers both spend three days learning skills which will hopefully help with the refurbishment of the Morpeth bunkers. John and Stu learned how to position and centre a bunker, how the bunker effects play and how to install revetted walls and taper them to create the desired rise or fall. Golf course designer/architect Jonathan Gaunt was on site most of the week assisting the team with his knowledge and ideas and drew up plans and marked out areas of the course for improvements in the way of run offs and new bunkers.


This was also a great opportunity to network with other greenskeepers, the number of young passionate greenskeepers in the Northeast currently means there will be a lot of quality courses in the area in the near future. These guys are creating friendships with one another and assisting each other in their work on a weekly basis helping achieve their personal goals within their own courses whilst assisting their colleagues on their courses too.


On the final day of the bunker camp Stuart Imeson along with BIGGA arranged an education day. Stuart managed to get a number of high profile greenskeepers from across the UK to come along and do individual presentations. The speakers were,

Stuart Imeson course manager Dunstanburgh golf club.

James Huchison from BIGGA, James talked about golf course ecology.

James Bledge course manager of Royal Cinque Ports golf club.

Allan Patterson golf course and estates manager at Trump Turnberry.

Adam Newton from the STRI.


Thanks from Morpeth Golf Club to Stuart, Jack and Alex for their time and hospitality, John and Stu had a great time.

John and Stu found the education day very interesting and inspiring, the work and achievements of these guys has made them more hungry to succeed at Morpeth. Much to Head greenskeeper Gerry and General manager Stevens frustration as John will have many more questions and ideas than normal for them to contend with, I’m sure they love all the ideas really.


With the AGM approaching fast the greens team have put some plans together to do a sample bunker on the practice ground near the sheds. This bunker will be a show piece for what the team would like to achieve out on the course, but the team think its only fair to do a trial for the membership to see first. The bunker will have two different tapered sides one severe and one less severe the face will be reasonably high and the shape will be like a kidney bean showing all revetted bunkers are not rounded. Today Friday 24/11/17 John and Stu started the preparation work and look to have it complete by 28/11/17 for the membership to view.

The picture shows the white line perimeter and the white drain lines through the centre.

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