Greens Team Update 02/11/2017


During the last few weeks the greens team have been doing some different types of work as they look to future progression on and off the course, this is as the course begins to slow down a little as we move towards the winter period. Also in this blog you can take a look at some of the education the greens team are going to complete in the coming year.

Football pitch aeration work.

Deputy Head Stuart Spiers has been over to the football pitches at Gallagher Park, Bedlington, the home of Bedlington Juniors FC. Stuart has been over to the pitches with our verti-drain machine punching holes to a depth of 12 inches into all the pitches. This aeration will help the pitches greatly as they become very compact through constant game/training time throughout the year. This was arranged by General Manager Steven Johnson, its a nice touch from the club helping the junior club out with our services.

Chainsaw training.

The 30/10/2017 saw the first day of the the four day chainsaw course Morpeth golf club has been holding. We have a second date booked for the 27th November, these four day courses will educate our very own Deputy head Stuart Speirs and assistant John Scurfield in tree felling.


The course consisted of one day in the workshop learning machine maintenance, and three days of practical hands on work out on the course. The course had a continuous running theme of health and safety throughout, all four guys maintained high standards of safety throughout and this was complimented on the by the tutor.

The club played host to Morpeth greenskeeper John Scurfield, Whitleybay golf club greenskeeper Mark Hollingsworth, Sharpley golf club greenskeeper Paul Walton and George Washington golf club greenskeeper Tommy Milligan.2017-11-02-PHOTO-00000062

John Scurfield came up with the idea of hosting a training course on chainsaw use and tree felling, being a committee member on the Northeast BIGGA section John contacted BIGGA representative Sandra Raper. The course was set up by BIGGA the greenkeepers leading association, they organised a professional trainer who supplied all necessary equipment. Thanks to Sandra Raper for all her help on that front, also we appreciated your visit from York thank you.



The four guys felled trees on the left and right of the 15th hole, they also removed a lot of trees from the problem overcrowded areas on the left of the 9th hole. Thanks to all the members for their patience during this as the 9th hole was shut all day Wednesday and Thursday.

The greenskeepers all managed to successfully pass the course and obtain their Lantra tree felling certificate. This training will help the club massively in their efforts to relieve the course of suffocation from trees. The areas like the 1st/6th/9th greens should have significant improvements in the coming years as the team remove the problem overcrowded areas of trees blocking air and light. Areas like the left 9th/6th/15th should be more playable for golfers and more easy to maintain effectively by the team on their machines. In the coming weeks the team look to use a tree chipper and a stump grinder to remove the excess debris from the trees.

An members who may look to buy fire wood for their homes for log burners etc, please catch one of the greens team as the club look to sell the logs by the dumpy bag for a cheap fee. All proceeds from the sale of wood is going into the greens budget and will be spent on course improvements in 2018.


Future education for the staff.

  • Dunstanburgh bunker camp bunker camp,

On the 13th of November the annual bunker camp commences and John Scurfield is going up to take a closer look at setting out and selecting  bunker positions, This will hopefully help John as Morpeth looks to improve their current bunkers in future projects. The bunker camp is hosted by Dunstanburgh golf club Course Manager Stuart Imeson and his team who have expertise in this field, they have had many top greenskeepers/course designers on their courses in the past and provide a great product for effective fun learning.


  • Dunstanburgh bunker camp bunker camp education day,

On the 23rd November John Scurfield is attending the bunker camp education day, on the day some of the leading course managers from the green keeping industry will be doing talks and presentations.


  • Chainsaw felling course,

Stuart Speirs will be attending the second chainsaw course of the year held at Morpeth golf club. Stuart will look to pass the tree felling assessment and obtain his tree felling licence. This will help the club progress with their tree removal programme, in an attempt to improve the health of the course.


  • BIGGA national show,

On the 22nd January John Scurfield will be spending a few days at the BTME show down at Harrogate, John will be taking part in a number of educational workshops on a range of subjects all relevant to the progression of Morpeth golf club in the future.


  • Royal Cinque Ports visit,

In March 2018 John Scurfield will be going down to Royal Cinque Ports golf club to work alongside their Course Manager James Bledge and his team. James is one of the leading figures in the green keeping industry at one of the best courses in the UK, so hopefully in a week John should learn a lot and hopefully bring some ideas back to Morpeth.


  • John Deere mechanics course,

Guy Anderson looks to go on a mechanics course with John Deere, this will help Guy expand his knowledge on the mechanical side of green keeping.


  • Sports turf studies,

John Scurfield continues his studies in sports turf, he will look to have the course complete by December 2018.IMG_5812



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