11/10/2017 Aeration work.

Verti-draining the greens post maintenance.

The team have verti-drained the greens today to a depth of 6 inches, we have been unable to verti-drain so far this season because the machine has been broken. Thanks to a recent repair on our Weiderman verti-drain we are back up and running and thankfully relieving the greens of their heavy compaction. We know the members don’t like the disruptive work but this is all necessary and vital to ensure success in the future. Below are a couple of pictures, hopefully these will help the Morpeth membership understand what the vertical-drain process is about.

In the coming weeks we will be verti-draining all tees/surrounds/fairways with a larger thicker tine to a depth of 9 inches. The greens will now be done every 2/3 weeks in the same way as today,  only to a greater depth of 9 inches.










As you can see in the pictures above and below the greens are already starting to hold water in our problem thatch layer, this shows the need for aggressive aeration as the rainfall for last month was not in excess.


Chainsaw education.

Commencing on the 30th October will be a four day chainsaw course organised by the greens team. The team have asked the British and International Greenkeepers Association BIGGA, if they would consider using Morpeth golf club as their training site for the week and they have accepted. We will be hosting two four day courses held by a professional instructor which will help educate Deputy head Stu Speirs and Assistant John Scurfield. The course will also enable greenskeepers from other golf courses to attend who are seeking education in tree felling. The course is designed to teach the guys on cross cutting and felling trees up to 200mm. This great opportunity will help the club progress greatly as years of no tree management has now caught up with us.

Morpeth Golf Club Appraisal

In recent weeks the team have been working on a golf course appraisal. This is to take a detailed look at the course more in-depth and highlight any problem areas. The team are happy with the gathering of information they have achieved and believe these findings will help with the course development plan for the future. The greens team have submitted the 550 page document to General Manager Steven Johnson.


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