Members update 28/06/2017

In the last two weeks the team have been busy as usual, we have shuffled the staff duties around to help present the course to its best on a Friday so the growth is managed better going into the weekend, enabling us to present the playing surfaces better for longer periods without cutting.


During the last two weeks the greens team have been doing there very best in keeping up standards up for the membership. On the 11/06/2017 the club had a 07:00am tee time for a Texas scramble competition, we had greens staff working from 03:00am in the morning with their course set up as they had to be off the course before 07:00am.


Throughout the season the greens team will be looking to keep spiking and top dressing the greens on a regular basis, this maintenance is essential for the greens as we look to present the turf surfaces in the best way we possibly can.

The timing of the spiking of the greens has been set out to avoid the busy periods of play, also disruption to the members rounds. On Sunday 25/06/2017 Deputy head Stuart Speirs carried out the spiking of the greens through the evening and finished at 23:00pm to avoid disruption to golf.

FullSizeRender 15

Also during this period the team have put multiple light dressings of sand into the greens, I don’t think the members have even noticed as some get worried when we apply sand.


The sand is key to producing better speeds and trueness, we also aim to produce firmer greens in the future when we have addressed the thatch layer within the turf surface. Once the greens have been spiked followed by a dressing of sand, the sand fills the holes allowing the turf surface to breathe also encouraging deeper stronger root growth down into the soil, recent results to be seen in the picture below.


Thanks to all the members for their patience, one of our main goals for the season it to increase the amount of aeration carried out without causing disruption to golf.

Stuart managed time to take a couple of pictures of the course during the evening, nice one looking from the 13th green down the hill.

Head Greenkeeper Gerry Cramer is currently assessing the weather by the hour, resulting in a tired man with all the broken sleep. Gerry is looking to spray our second application of a Farmura product, which is a cocktail of different products which aim to feed, strengthen, produce more colour in the leaf, help with moisture control, condition the soil and feed the biology beneath the turf surface. Gerry is looking to apply these products every 4-6 weeks to help us address the thatch problem in the greens over time.


There has been a lot of hard work around the club house recently and this is all down to the members who volunteer in their free time to help. In recent weeks all the flower beds have been replaced and all the areas around the first tee and putting green have been kept in great condition. The greens team would like to say a big thanks to everyone who has helped, all the excellent work these members do allows us to concentrate on the course.IMG_4752.JPG


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