Tough week for the greens team!

Last week was the most testing of the season so far, Morpeth golf club had over 80mm of rain which was consistent throughout the week.

FullSizeRender 8

Despite all the poor weather the team pushed on trying their best to keep up the high standards set so far for the membership, the greenstaff are happy with the progress they are making so far …….


Jobs around the course have been more time consuming and difficult this week as the course has been wet for most jobs leaving more mess to clear. In the picture below Gerry is blowing away all the debris left from the cutting of the surrounds.


Between some very heavy periods of rain the team decided to make good use of the time in the sheds not only trying to keep dry, but also some machine maintenance. Keeping the cutting suits sharp is very important to the health of the turf surface, clean cut blades of grass are essential to help prevent disease and ensure that the best surfaces possible are produced.


The greens staff would like to say a massive thanks to the members who volunteer in their free time to help out on the course with tasks like, divoting fairways and raking bunkers. This help is key to our success so far this season as the team have more time to concentrate on more important areas such as the greens. The membership volunteers are led and organised by Greens Chairman Keith Brown, thanks again from the staff excellent work guys.


We have a lot of less desirable grass species in our greens, despite several verti cutting sessions to remove the undesirables and lowering the height of cut on the greens again the team have struggled to get smooth slick surfaces. Head green keeper Gerry decided to use our POA buster units on the greens, they are designed to help remove seed heads from the Annual Meadow grass. It was a slow process trough the poor weather but we had our best results to date, a light application of top dressing followed this process resulting in further improvements in the putting surfaces for the Jack Elliot Bogey competition on Saturday. We also managed to spike the greens with our sorrel rollers allowing air into the turf surface allowing biology to keep working.

The height of cut on the tees has been lowered again down to 8mm, they are looking very neat cut in a block cut style.

FullSizeRender 12.jpg

In recent weeks Guy Anderson has been working on ways to bring more definition to the course, he has decided to stop cutting stripes into the semi-rough resulting in the closely mowed parts of the course being more pleasing on the eye. The semi rough is now cut the same way as the tee boxes, a block cut style. Guy has also taken the job of green keeper/mechanic as we no longer have a full time mechanic on site, he has not only helped the team keep producing fast work with quick fix jobs, he is also saving the club money as dealer call outs are expensive. Excellent work Guy Anderson.


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