Course imformation June 1st 2017

Hi today the greens team would like to share a little information about the current daily activities on the course, also some planned maintenance to the greens to increase performance.

Semi-rough: We are currently cutting the semi-rough once per week with Guy Anderson mainly responsible for this duty. He is currently looking at different cutting patterns to increase definition to the course whilst still grooming large areas of the course. The current height of cut is 1″3/4, Guy is doing a great job maintaining such a large area.IMG_4661

Fairways: The fairways are cut twice a week if weather allows, they are cut in a diamond pattern which is most effective through the rig bottoms at a height of 15mm. Deputy Head Stuart Speirs is mainly responsible for the fairways and does a fantastic job. Fairways are the second biggest job for the team. Stuart has recently introduced some slight changes in shape to the fairways which encourages play away from more dense areas, this helps the golf flow nicely on the course avoiding slow play.FullSizeRender 2

Surrounds: The surrounds are cut twice per week currently at a nice height of 9.5mm, the surrounds have recently had some small changes introduced such as run off areas and a different shape of cut. John Scurfield is mainly responsible for the surrounds and has recently made some small adjustments around bunkers [white lines] the team has agreed to grow nice even beards around the bunkers to prevent burn off areas. img_4656.jpg

Greens: The greens have had a slow start to the season due to the cold start, basically the grass had very little growth. This problem effected many courses all over the north east, this resulted in our early season maintenance having a slow recovery.IMG_4286.JPG

The team are pleased with the recent progress and feel they are now moving in the right direction now the recovery process is nearly complete.IMG_4655.JPG

In the next few weeks our aim is to apply a number of regular light applications of top dressing, this will help us get nearer to our goal of more true, faster and firmer greens.

The greens have recently had some changes made to them in shape and size, some of these changes have also increased area on the greens for different pin positions also quite pleasing to the eye. All staff are responsible for cutting the greens which are cut every day of the week now at a height of 3.9mm adjusted on 01/06/2017.FullSizeRender 3.jpg


The greens are rolled at most twice per week, we are limited to the amount of rolling we can do as we look to avoid a build up of compaction.IMG_4652.JPG

Holes: Head Greenkeeper Gerry Cramer has been doing the pin positions in recent weeks, the new shapes of the greens have helped with varied pin positioning. Gerry carries out many important jobs throughout a working week and carries half the shed around with him in the gator. On his travels he rakes bunkers every day, changes holes three times per week, carries our bunker maintenance daily, trims the sprinkler heads and tee box distance markers along with many other essential duties. IMG_5917.JPG

Tee boxes: The tee boxes have recently been reduced in size and a more uniformed shape. They are all block cut at a height of 9.5mm, tees are mainly maintained by John Scurfield. All markers are approx 4 yards apart to help the greens team manage the areas of wear.IMG_4649.JPG

All the staff are currently working extremely hard and are functioning great together, the staff have been on the course from 04:30 some days until 20:30 on others.

Course Manager Steven Johnson has given the greens team 100% support from the day of his appointment which encourages us all. Steven has also arranged for a drone to be flown over each hole to show all the hard work off and hopefully the shots can be used for any course alterations or possible development ideas in the future.

Thanks for following the Morpeth greens staff, we will do our very best to keep the members updated on a weekly basis.



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